The Chinese aftermarket manufacturing industry has seen tremendous growth in the last 5-10 years, with an infinite number of small to mid-size suppliers making huge investments to enter the market. This has saturated the market and suppliers now have to face fierce competition. One sustainable way to meet this challenge is to increase the volume of exports to foreign markets
To realize this, sales and marketing strategies need to be implemented and overall service standards improved. These are two key points that have frequently been neglected and often compromised the good results achieved in terms of competitive price and improved quality.
For these and other more particular reasons Link2Deal has developed a wide range of sales and marketing solutions that could give your company a more international and qualified profile.

Core Solutions

  • Effective Sales & Marketing Plan
    Sales and Marketing Strategies built for the global markets.

  • Multilingual Professionals
    European representative fluent in English, Italian, Spanish languages + Chinese/English speaking colleagues.

  • Upgrade Customer Service
    Meet International Customer Service requirements focusing on professionalism and clarity.

  • Wide World Customers Contact Information
    More than 500 direct contacts from Europe, Russia, Middle East, North America, Latin America, Africa, Australia.

  • Market and Product Analysis
    Research and Updated Information on market, products, data, trend, development, etc.

Exclusive Solutions

  • Improving Marketing Tools and Content
    Comprising: website, company presentation, brochures, social media, etc.

  • Face to Face meeting with customers
    Meet customers at their premises within 3 hours max flight distance, without Visa requirement and with low-cost time impact.

  • Fairs Attendance
    Attend fairs, exhibitions and shows giving an international trait to your company.

  • Customers visit to factory
    Accompany customers and potential customers in visiting suppliers offices and manufacturing plants in China.

  • Establishing Joint – Ventures with Global Partners
    Helping in developing potential joint ventures and business collaborations between Chinese suppliers and Global manufacturers or wholesalers.

Operative Advantages

  • Disclosure of all the information
    As your direct sales arm, any information about customers and markets will be open and available anytime.

  • Direct and Faster Communication with Customers
    Working together with your sales team, the communication between your company and the customers will be fast, direct and clear.

  • Personal & Exclusive Foreign Representative
    Your company will be directly and exclusively rapresented enhancing your internation profile.

  • Presence in Europe and China
    Perfect locations to reach customers and suppliers in very short time.
  • No Visa or Documents Needed
    For business trips in Europe as well as many other world countries there is no need of worrying for Business Visa.

Financial Advantages

  • Consulting Agreement
    Means no need of labour contract, no pension & health insurance, no benefits, etc.

  • Flexible & Lean
    Avoid fixed contract and tax burden through flexible and not binding service partnership.

  • Extremly reasonable consulting fee
    The monthly reimbursement fee is absolutely fair considering the operative costs saving.

  • Comparison with direct foreign sales representative
    Saving at least 50% compare to hiring directly a foreign representative.

  • No Surprise in your Sales Price
    The price of your offered products will be decide by your company and no extra margin will be add by third party.


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